Digital Document Scanning & Conversion Services

Digital Document ScanningCOMPUCOM Digital Document Scanning & Conversion Services can scan all types and sizes of paper documents, including checks, receipts, ledgers, journals, contracts, books, blueprints, maps and more. The Document Conversion process uses flatbed, rotary or large format scanners from Kodak and Fujitsu. The finished images can be merged with other files or used in an independent data file.

Throughout the document scanning phase, our operators monitor for quality and accuracy to ensure all the information is clearly visible. Next we create multi-level retrieval fields to help users quickly access desired documents from their computer. As many as 15,000 digital documents can be stored on a single CD and we can create as many duplicates as you wish.

Portability is a key benefit of Document Conversion. The CD, DVD, or Flash Drive containing your files is accessed with password protected security. Above all else, you can enjoy the efficient use of scanned images without an investment in hardware, document conversion software or the related labor necessary to capture your paper documents – let COMPUCOM do it!

Common Uses:
Accounts Payable, Contracts, Legal files, Loan files, Real Estate Records and more.