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Records Management Solutions

If you have staff members in branch or field offices, on the road or working from home Cloud Storage may be a solution to your record access needs.


With COMPU-WEB your files are digitally scanned and organized according to your specifications, then archived on COMPUCOM’s secure cloud storage server. Your authorized users can instantly access files using a common internet browser. This capability saves significant time, and improves operations, accounting and customer service functions.

Advanced security features enable you to safely share documents with employees, customers or partners. There is no capital investment or labor required and you can be up and running quickly and with minimal training.


Save, share, sync, and backup documents and data instantly – without compromising time or sensitive information. Konica Minolta’s FileAssist is a cloud storage based document management service that allows every business to securely access mission critical data from anywhere in the world, at anytime.



Syncplicity is an enterprise-grade online file-sharing and mobile collaboration solution. Backed by EMC, it provides users with an experience they love and gives IT the security and control it needs.




MetaStor™ is a COMPUCOM’s cloud-based storage offering of the EMC ApplicationXtender™ suite of products providing a secure online document and content management system allowing you to retrieve, view and manage content using standard browsers and enable e-business or ecommerce applications.

MetaStor provides any document anywhere at anytime via the web with all of the functionality of a premise-based content management system. MetaStor also provides that same functionality with remote access using MetaStor’s Metamobil application using an iPhone™ or iPad™.


The IntelliCloud™ Document Workflow Management suite enables Small and Midsize Enterprises (SMEs) to easily capture paper or digital documents and connect them to business processes to reduce costs while increasing accessibility, security, and compliance.

Key Benefits:

  • With IntelliCloud your important documents are now fully secure, compliant to industry regulations, backed up and authorized access is limited to select users.
  • Operational costs fall dramatically by reducing wasted time filing and retrieving documents and eliminating lost and misfiled documents. IntelliCloud can even identify missing documents.
  • IntelliCloud can be fully implemented and production ready in days, and will deliver tremendous value to your organization immediately. All interfaces are user friendly and intuitive which reduces training time and maximizes full adoption.
  • IntelliCloud works in harmony with all current work processes and is also an excellent catalyst to improve out-moted processes.

Key Features:

  • Document storage is cloud based (optional private cloud storage and in-house storage)
  • IntelliCloud has many pre-built workflows which are designed for specialized industry vertical and departmental needs
  • One Button Integration with most multifunction printers/ scanners
  • Additional users and departments can be easily added
  • IntelliCloud delivers value day one and can accommodate any business process
  • When using Intellicloud ALL documents are fully searchable
  • Audit ShieldTM is a comprehensive exception reporting engine that identifies missing documents quickly and easily

Common Uses for Cloud Records Management Solutions:
Accounts Payable, Contracts, Real Estate and Land Use Files, Loan Files.