Computer Output Microfiche

Computer Output MicroficheWith Computer Output Microfiche, you can start inexpensively storing large amounts of data in a permanent film format.

Files coming directly from your computer system are converted to microfiche that is free of the long term constraints of technology changes, allowing you to create the perfect secure low-cost archive.

Data can be submitted via tape (in numerous formats), FTP or email and turnaround is typically same day service. Delivery of the finished product is done by our own couriers. Inexpensive duplicate microfiche can be easily distributed to remote locations without the worry of computer standards. Microfiche also acts as a back-up for on-line systems and purged files. With Computer Output Microfiche, you can future-proof your backups by not limiting yourself to file types. So that balance sheet from the year 2000 will still work on computers in the year 2020.

Common Uses:
Balance Journals, Invoice Registers, Inventory Reports, Payroll Registers.