Supplies for Microfilm and Printing

COMPUCOM Carries a wide variety of supplies for microfilm and printing equipment. Send us an email or call for pricing and details on what is available.

Filming Supplies:

  • A full array of archival quality silver film for all types of micrographic applications. Films from Kodak ® and Agfa ® in 16mm, 35 mm and 105 mm (microfiche) configurations.                  
  • Diazo and silver reproduction films by Kodak and InteliCoat for high quality duplicates from your silver masters.                
  • Processing Chemicals for deep tank, table top and convenience film processors from Kodak and Michlin.      
  • In addition, we provide supplies such as film spools and reels, jackets, aperture cards, envelopes, archival film storage and splicing materials.

Konica Minolta Reader Printers:Toner Supplies

  • Toner and Starter
  • Lamps              
  • Imaging Units   
  • Roll Paper

Imaging Systems:

  • Plasmon Optical Disks.               
  • Scanner Parts, Consumables, and Cleaning Kits.