Panasonic Scanners

Work Smarter Not Harder with Panasonic Scanners

Work smarter and get more done with the new advanced; workgroup B&W/Color scanner. Engineered to enhance document imaging workflow and information management; these new Panasonic scanners feature the fastest speeds in their product class. Scan all kinds of mixed documents — from extremely thin paper to passports and even heavy embossed ID cards — quickly and at the highest resolution. With a robust paper feed mechanism and advanced image quality functions; these scanners offer the performance and reliability that businesses count on from Panasonic.

Panasonic Scanners for an Entire Department

Introducing a whole new way to scan. With on-board CPU image processing, the new Panasonic scanner radically outpaces the competition. Instead of a software interface, the scanner’s on-board processor does the heavy lifting.

Hardware image processing speeds every step of your workflow Conventional scanners put all of the processing tasks onto PC-based software. The scanner has its own, built-in CPU that handles most image capture and processing steps from sharpening and contrast to trapping errors. Because it dedicates all of its on-board computing power to a single purpose, the new scanners can easily outpaces the most powerful PC-based scanning software and supports features that save time and reduce errors. Plus, Auto rescan technology means no more rescanning.

Automatic error detection gives you a heads up while the scanner continuously analyzes output quality, flags poor scans and blank pages, then generates a warning icon for each questionable page scanned. It’s easy to review hundreds of suspect pages at a time, and if you need to reprocess a page, you can do it with just a few clicks.