EMC DiskXtender

EMC DiskXtender

EMC DiskXtender Software – File Archiving for Windows

EMC DiskXtender: Storage management software for Microsoft Windows environments. With DiskXtender, you can reduce costs by archiving files to backend storage with software that is easy to deploy and operate.


Free up storage capacity on the Windows host by archiving files to backend\secondary storage.


Speed up the backup process by reducing backup sets. Migrated\purged files will not be recalled during a backup.


Minimize legal and regulatory risk by migrating files to content addressed storage. Manage retention, access, and other requirements through policies.


Simplify data management and implement an information lifecycle management strategy to choose cost and service.


Archive to cloud: Archive data to EMC Atmos through EMC DiskXtender securely and efficiently.

Policy engine: Migrate data from primary storage to four archive devices simultaneously, reduce backup windows, and improve storage efficiency.

Information lifecycle management: Expire data from archive targets independently, implementing an ILM strategy based on access requirements and cost.

Transparent data access: Ensure that end-users and applications can access files regardless of storage location.

EMC Centera integration: Store fixed content automatically and prevent file modification or deletion.

Deduplication: Archive data to EMC Data Domain to benefit from deduplication and reduce costs.

Optical support: Leverage the latest standard for professional optical storage.